Men are Finders, Women are Choosers is a wonderful book that tells the real-life story of two ordinary people trusting God to help them discover one another. This book is not only a remarkable love story, but it also provides an inside view of how God can be intimately involved in our search for true companionship and a blessed relationship in marriage! The story in these pages is a blend of entertainment, biblical instruction, and spiritual revelation from God’s Word. Relationships are challenging…but with God, you can realize and find another option for relationship success beyond what society has to offer.


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About the author

Byron is the President and CEO of Greater Light Publishing, LLC, the author of Men are Finders, Women are Choosers: Your Biblical Guide to Discovering Divine Relationship, and he is a musician/writer.

His mission is to convince everyone that they have the ability to go to another level, regardless of where they are now, if they use the right tools.

Men are Finders, Women are Choosers